What is PHYGI?

PHYGI, a unique technological solution based on Consumer Neuroscience, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence that supposed a paradigm change in the sales experience.

Thanks to PHYGI an intelligent furniture who learns from its environment to increase sales and improve shopping experience.


PHYGI for your business

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Increase sales


Grow your business intelligence


How PHYGI works?


Customer are searching interaction in the store and to live an unforgettable experience

By Enrique Bigné (Co-founder)

PHYGI Solutions

Find the perfect solution that PHYGI offers to you to increase your profits. We have different type of intelligent furniture so that you can choose the one that better suits to your store. Each one uses advances technology that will allow you:

Digital Content

  • Show customer´s comments and evaluations
  • Virtual assistant during all the buying process
  • Interactive kiosk with touch screens
  • Content management that can be used in a manual or automatic way
  • Increase customer engagement through APP Mobile

Analysis of Data

  • Segment your target audience using Artifical Intelligence by PHYGI
  • Personalyzed dashboard of your PHYGI perfomance
  • Prediction of potential clients
  • Automatization of multimedia content to display

Mixed Reality

  • Show your product in an immersive way using new technology like: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • New brand experience
  • Generate heat maps to evaluate customer behaviour
  • New ways for shopping experience

PHYGI fits your business

PHYGI Desktop

PHYGI Exhibitor

PHYGI Showcase

PHYGI VR Edition

PHYGI customize your furnitures needs among some standard solutions

Innovations behind PHYGI

Are you ready to change the shopping experience of your customers and increase your turnover with PHYGI?

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PHYGI Benefits

  • 01 Offers a unique and personalyzed experience to your clients
  • 02 Display multimedia content that generates a great impact
  • 03 Helps in decision making by offering discounts and promotions
  • 04 Increase brand visibility
  • 05 Real time data: automatically report about type of clients, their tastes and preferences
  • 06 One platform for managing each shelf
  • 07 Increase your sales and improve ROI
  • 08 Facilitates the identification of business opportunity

Technology is not a goal but the way to makes things easier for both buyers and sellers

By Mariano Alcañiz (Co-founder)


Working with TOP companies in different sector


Right partners for right projects

Ambient intelligence: Technology has to be harmoniously integrated in the store

By Jaime Guixeres (CEO)

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