A platform that facilitates knowledge

We understand data to turn it into valuable information.


Know your customer's behavior through metrics

With PHYGI you get qualitative and quantitative data that will help you adjust your marketing campaigns in real time. The time has come to reach your conversion goals and to accompany the user in each process.

Physical spaces that provide valuable data and a 360-degree view of the user.

PHYGI Data Analytics

Content management, access to metrics or report generation. Allows data updating and management in real time.

Machine learning

It allows the automatic suggestion of content that allows you to perform an action according to the need and desire of the moment.

Real time metrics

User profile, traffic, content and behavior through the software.

Plug and play

PHYGI does not require any special infrastructure for its installation, it only needs an electrical connection point to be connected.


Get a 360 view of your customer.

Start to evolve your business.

Let’s talk about your case and how we can help you.