An innovative way to offer your products or services

Phygital technology that helps you enhance your brand, generate consumer profiles and optimize campaigns in real time.

PHYGI by Quatechnion is a solution that changes the way market proposals are presented, understood and interpreted.

By combining state-of-the-art disruptive technologies with flow and behavioral measurement modules and artificial intelligence, it presents an unprecedented solution.

Different proposals adaptable to each business

We have options that adapt to the needs of each business. They are customized in a harmonious way, following the brand guidelines and communication, for a perfect integration at the point of sale.

PHYGI Desktop Redux

A solution that integrates artificial intelligence to offer products and services in an innovative way.


A solution that integrates virtual reality and artificial intelligence that transports users to a different experience.


An immersive space where visitors live and feel all those stories we want to tell.

PHYGI brings together immersive technologies to generate more attraction.

These are combined with the development of metrics that detail information: future potential customers, their preferences and behaviors, along with the implementation of intelligent response mechanisms based on artificial iIntelligence.

Mixed realities



Artificial Intelligence

PHYGI Data analytics

Artificial vision

Different ways to measure behavior with a clear objective

1. Detect your user's emotional behavior.

2. Generate user profiles.

3. Show adapted content.

4. Measure and adjust your marketing campaigns in real time.


Design of campaigns and objectives for each furniture.

Training in tracking models, metrics optimization and promotional strategy.

Establishment of follow-up and monitoring KPI's, according to established objectives.

Analyze, know and create profiles of your customers based on information collected at each point.

Start to evolve your business.

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